Health and Fitness

A healthy person is someone with a balanced physical, social and mental level of well-being, which can be achieved through a number of activities and lifestyle adjustments. It is important to keep physically active and fit as you get older, it is very easy to have an office job and slip into a routine which leaves no room for exercise; driving to work, sitting down at a desk in a stuffy office all day, eating fast food for lunch, driving home and sitting in front of the television all night may seem like an enjoyable way of life, but it will soon catch up with you. Simple adjustments can be made to make this routine to make it a lot healthier, for example; going to the gym twice a week in your lunch break, eating packed lunches from home with healthier food, and even running/cycling to and from work a couple of times a week.As you get older and your health becomes more important, it may be time to give up any addictive vices you may have, such as cigarettes and alcohol. The older you get the less able the liver is to cope with any excessive drinking you may have been able to get away with in your younger days, and it will have more of an effect on your health. There are many non-alcoholic wines and beers now available, which look and taste the same as the normal beverages, but without the alcohol content. Smoking may be a harder task to give up, but the results are rewarding. Exercise can be very difficult for smokers, who are unable to cope with any prolonged periods of physical activity due to the weakness of their lungs. Not only does smoking inhibit physical performance, but it badly damages your health as a whole and can lead to well publicized serious illnesses such as lung cancer and heart disease.Diet is an important constituent of a good, healthy lifestyle, and ensuring that you are eating correctly is something everyone should be concerned about. A balanced diet means an appropriate intake of fruit and vegetables, widely recognised to be 5 portions per day, and as little salt and fat based meals as possible. Protein rich foods such as meat, eggs and fish should be balanced with foods rich in carbohydrates, such as potatoes and pasta. Luxuries such as chocolate and sweets do not have to be avoided all together, but consumed in moderation.Another important factor to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is being able to manage your sleeping habits; around 8 hours a night is acknowledged to be the right amount, anything less and you can become tired and irritable. Sleeping regenerates your body, and it is essential to be getting the right amount of rest.Maintaining a strong, healthy lifestyle is not something which can be achieved overnight, but the end result is well worth the effort. A healthy person feels the difference, and has more energy and enthusiasm to pursue their goals and fulfill their potential in life.

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